We aren't consultants. We aren't business developers. We aren't marketing strategists. We aren't design sprint people. We're something else.

We are Lean Motherfuckers.

We Worked With

NS, Vesteda, Loyalis, Google, NearSt and Provincie Limburg.

The Program

Getting away for a week or weekend with the Lean Motherfuckers team, to boost your company and transform your idea into a working prototype.

We are religious about the idea that working hard is only possible if you also play hard, and we feel like we found the best way to combine those two: we rent a villa in the middle of nowhere, making sure there is a pool and a jacuzzi, enough beer, wine and energy drinks, and a team full of energy, to build an awesome prototype in the shortest amount of time possible.


The Line Up

Our team has created a total of 15+ startups, gave advice to dozens more, and works with the newest techniques in development, marketing, sales and running a lean business. They are each motherfucking power houses individually, but form a team that can do more in a single week than most teams will be able to do in a month.

The Hustler – Bart Temme

The connective tissue of the group. He knows marketing and sales, but most of all he knows people. Bart has given workshops in schools all over the Netherlands, works with governmental organisations all over Europe, and has helped release a couple of rap records in his spare time.

Talk with Bart for an afternoon, and he’ll provide you with a singular vision for your company or project, as well as helping you set up a baseline for your business plan, marketing strategy and online presence.

The Hound – Thomas Schoffelen

Ever met a serial entrepreneur? This guy has started a handful of companies before reaching the legal drinking age, one of which is now a global Google partner, another is taking over the education market in the Netherlands.

Did we mention he is also a techie that knows everything about mobile and web development, security and IoT? Thomas started programming at age 11, and hasn't stopped learning new technologies and languages since, but most importantly knows how to problem solve like nobody else.

The Hipster – Dante van der Heijden

Design is in Dante’s blood. Like, literally. I don't think you've ever met a family that is as artistic as his. He was featured as one of the "25 best entrepreneurs under 25" in the Netherlands and gave his first TED talk at age 16.

It doesn't even matter whether it’s app design, branding or the marketing materials for your next big event, Dante does it all. And when it comes to apps, his talents don't stop at the design stage: he also builds iPhone apps in his spare time.

The Hacker – Ahsan Fazal

Ahsan has a youthful enthusiasm that’s just absurd - in a awesome way! Once he gets excited about an idea, he won't sleep until a first prototype is finished, whether it's an app, website, or something totally different.

The dude’s a full stack developer, as well as studying to become a real-life rocket scientist. And then there's all the blockchain stuff he's working on. Only ask him about it if you have a few hours of spare time though :)


We're an exclusive (and elusive) bunch, so you might need to track us down.